Film-Making and Storytelling. 

The mission of OliaFilm is to make films and videos to promote goodness in the world,  spotlight stories that touch our hearts with humanity and provide multimedia support for projects that bring betterment for humankind. Our main focus is empowering women in building sustainable environment for the future generations. 

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a creative tribe to make any visual project, be it independent film or a video for a client. Founded by Olha Onyshko, or Olia, as friends call her, OliaFilm is a multicultural, multi language collaborative hub that comes together to educate, entertain and explore the beatiful force of life.


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Edinburgh Screenwriting Competition, The Queendom or Queen Olga script

 Devotion to the Ukrainian Idea, peer medal from the Ukrainian Women Association


Spotlight on Screenwriters, The Queendom, or Queen Olga script

Fort Myers Film Festival, Best Documentary, Women of Maidan


Woodstock Film Festival, Best Documentary Nomination, Women of Maidan


Congressional List, US Congress for coordinating efforts treating wounded from Maidan


Hamburg Film Festival, Best Documentary Nominee, Three Stories of Galicia



American Vision Award, American University


Telly Awards, Best Short Documentary



World Bank, Award of Excellence for creating Innovation e-Learning for NGOs